Part of the Ben Gough Family Office

Tailorspace is the investment vehicle for the Ben Gough Family Office. Owned by Ben Gough and his family, Tailorspace is about creating and growing long term value through our investments and partnerships.

Where we began

Since beginning in 2006, Tailorspace has been about quality and working with partners to ‘tailor’ solutions which benefit all parties. Ben Gough, founding director, started Tailorspace with a focus on property redevelopment. After a decade of active involvement and consistent drive to increase value, Ben and the Tailorspace team now manage a diversified portfolio of investments.

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What we
invest in now

Tailorspace maintains an investment portfolio balanced across private equity, property, equities and other liquid assets. The portfolio mix and investment allocation is governed by an agreed financial framework with a focus on long term growth and value creation.

Our Investments

Our values
matter to us

At Tailorspace we believe in and invest by our values: integrity, quality, accountability, innovation, leadership and passion for what we do. We pride ourselves on creating opportunities in which people and their businesses thrive. We build upon the knowledge that the right people, fair relationships and strong governance provide good returns for all involved.

Meet the Team
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